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Post-pandemic Digital Families: Choosing Health and Safety On and Offline

A event by Teodora Pavkovic
Psychologist, Parenting Coach & Digital Wellness Consultant,

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I will be giving away 1 free coaching/consulting session each to 3 individuals. If you are: a parent wanting help for yourself or your child, a start-up founder building out a digital wellness or mental health product, or you are an educator or team leader wanting to improve digital wellness and mental health at your school/company/organization, I would love to help you!

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About this event

Join Teodora Pavkovic, MSc and Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov as they come together to share their key insights on our pandemic-era tech habits as well as the most up-to-date digital wellness strategies for parents.

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Teodora Pavkovic

As a psychologist, international speaker and digital wellness thought-leader, Teodora is committed to helping individuals and groups preserve and protect their wellbeing and relationships in this increasingly digital world.

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