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Now what? Achieving Digital Wellness with Goal Best Practices!

A event by Dave Kopans
Founder/CEO, PF Loop (short for Positive Feedback Loop :)

May 07, 2021, 06:00 PM

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About this event

Imagine, Friday is over.

Are you now wondering how to maximize the positive impact of Digital Wellness Day events?

Perhaps unsure of what steps you should take to put what you learned on Digital Wellness Day into successful action?

Fear not, we have you covered!

Come learn easy to implement approaches to success (aka Goal Best Practices) that you can start using immediately to achieve whatever Digital Wellness Day goals you have set out for yourself.

Free for you -- Achieve Digital Wellness with Goal Best Practices -- A system for success

Access all of the Goal Best Practices tools discussed during this training session plus a Digital Flourishing Wheel goal plan built to help you achieve great success! Learn more here: http://my.tripodgss.com/dwd

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