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How to parent in the Digital Age - Masterclass in Digital Wellness

A event by Eva Danielsson
Founder, Family Tech Wellness

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About this event

1) In this 60-minute interactive webinar, I will reveal the truths about how constant digital stimuli can impact our overall health and how tech companies can have us all hooked to our devices 24/7.

Topics covered: Digital Wellness what is it about and why is it so important?

Current human challenges we are faced with in this Digital age • An economy dedicated to distracting our attention • Tech companies have our kids hooked on phones and games • Youth relationship with technology • We are letting our devices come between our human interactions and social connections are lost

Feel empowered by learning 4 Key Strategies for parents in the Digital age • To positively impact the tech-life balance journey for your family • Help to put you back in control, when it comes to the technology in your family

2) How to parent in the Digital Age - Masterclass in Digital Wellness: On 7 May @ 1 pm EST /7 pm CEST.

Join the event via Google Meet link here: https://meet.google.com/uvo-weko-otu Meeting Code: uvowekootu

Summary PDF of Masterclass

Summary PDF of Masterclass + extra resources

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Eva Danielsson

Certified Digital Wellness Educator Certified Positive Discipline Parent Edcuator Mum of 2 teenagers

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