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Shaunelle Curry

Shaunelle Curry

Media Done Responsibly

About this Speaker

Shaunelle Curry is the Founder and CEO of Media Done Responsibly, a media and digital literacy organization that works to amplify humanity-centered and socially responsible media. She is a Professor of TV, Film, and Media Studies, Journalism, and Pan-African Studies at California State University-Los Angeles. Shaunelle is also the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the global Digital Wellness Institute, and is a founding member of the Black Women Leaders of Los Angeles Coalition. Shaunelle provides media literacy education, digital citizenship training, inclusion strategies, and internship placement for youth creators of humanity-centered media. She is the Executive Director of the MDR Virtual Film Festival. And she produces the MDR Awards to recognize and amplify filmmakers, songwriters, artists, and media agencies that incorporate social responsibility into their principles, policies, practices, and platforms.

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