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Nicole Rawson

Nicole Rawson

MBA, Credentialed Teacher

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Nicole is a lifelong advocate of education, author, speaker, and the founder of Screen Time Clinic, a network of professionals empowering families and businesses to reach their ideal level of functioning by clarifying digital wellness priorities. A secondary school teacher beginning in 1998, Nicole has also been involved with numerous other entrepreneurial projects after receiving her MBA from Rice University in 2006, contributing to her business acumen. With 22 years experience as a step-parent, parent, and single mom, Nicole knows all the challenges different stages of parenting involves and has a passion for helping families. Through collaborations with psychologists, professional organizations, and immersing herself in the science behind why screen time causes so many harms, Nicole became a digital wellness expert founding the company Screen Time Clinic in 2018. Her new book Screen Smart Sam was written to reach families with very young children to help prevent problems. Nicole has a strong network of industry experts, a continual information stream on the latest research, and is an active member of The Children’s Screen Time Action Network, Campaign for Commercial Free Childhood, and The Digital Wellness Collective.

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