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Kay de Veer and Jennifer Strube

Kay de Veer and Jennifer Strube


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Jennifer Strube is an educator and licensed family therapist, specializing in perinatal psychology and the brain’s first imprints in life. Kay de Veer is a certified educational therapist who works with neuro-diverse learners in early literacy and executive functioning skills. Together, they hold over 30 years of experience in education and have counseled hundreds of parents on creating healthy tech boundaries with their families. In 2021, they founded TechWiseLittles to give new moms confidence on creating tech-healthy households, clarity around early tech use, and comfort they are using best practices for their babies’ brains. For more stress-free, research-based parenting tips, find them @TechWiseLittles on Instagram or www.techwiselittles.com. Online course launching Summer 2021.

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