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Kathy Van Benthuysen

Kathy Van Benthuysen

Converlation, Inc.

About this Speaker

Kathy has been a teacher of 4th graders for almost 30 years. She has experienced the joy of having her former students grow up to be incredibly successful and have flourishing careers and families. She has a front-row, up close and personal experience, of observing the regression of children from how they used to be, to what they have become today. Her experience with the issues prompted her to help create the solutions and ensure they reach every family. Listening to parents and kids, regarding recommendations by the experts, it was clear that the solutions were only tips and tricks. Using her background in instructional design and having an in-depth understanding of the mind of a 4th grader, especially on what engages them, Kathy led the evolution of Converlation from inception to present day guided workshops. Kathy conducted workshops and focus groups where solutions were repeatedly tested and refined based on feedback until the result was the engagement with kids. She is a wife and mother of two teenagers. She has a bachelors from Rider University and a postgraduate degree from Purdue University. Kathy thoroughly enjoys the beach with her family, working out, and is a competitive softball player as well as a coach.

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