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Gabriela Toro

Gabriela Toro

Founder CEO
The Blissful Step Coaching

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I’m a Bilingual Accredited Career Coach, full-time digital nomad & Certified Digital Wellness Educator, who is passionate about helping new digital entrepreneurs build an aligned yet profitable business foundation so they can reach their personal version of success.

Before becoming a business mentor, my background as a Certified Health Coach and Fitness Instructor helped me study the online coaching/ service-based industry thoroughly to craft my methodology for taking ideas 100% online. Now I teach the same strategies that I used to build, launch, and scale my online business to help other do the same!

With more than 4 years of online experience, I have helped hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs, from all over the globe, transform their passions into full-time profitable online careers through my signature, 9 day Jumpstart your Business Course, JBC for short!

I love seeing my students and clients get the strategies they need to launch their of digital offer, while always prioritizing their own mental and physical wellness incorporating digital minimalism. That’s what I want for you, too!

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