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Dr Marlena Kruger

Dr Marlena Kruger

Director and Founder
TechnoLife Wise Foundation

About this Speaker

Marlena Kruger is a radiographer and Doctor of Psychology of Education turned integrative digital wellness (for health and wellbeing) or techno-life coach teaching young and old the art and science of creating and nurturing a wonderful person and healthy balance between YOU in REAL life and the digital world. Her journey in this specific integrative digital field of work started more than 10 years ago after falling seriously ill while working at a top tertiary institution in South Africa. My illness, however, made me realize that by only using technology and foregoing real-life interactions and learning, we are losing more than what we are gaining. This new knowledge has set her on a new path and now she is on a quest to raise awareness among young and old about the dangers of overexposure to technology for the healthy and balanced development of our children and ourselves. She is also passionate about empowering individuals to become purposeful, unique, and influential digital leaders, parents, or children who thrive and nurture a healthy balance in our techno-driven world. She manufactures the WoWe®-radiation-shielded products to protect people against harmful, manmade, and unnatural EMF radiation coming from e.g., cell phones and Wi-Fi.

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