Digital Wellness Resolutions x Habit Change

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Our Mission

Digital Wellness Day raises global attention for mental, physical, emotional health, and safety when using digital devices. It’s a chance to rethink when, where, why, and how we interact with technology to ensure we are using it for its best and highest purposes. 

What is Digital Wellness?

Digital wellness is the optimum state of health and well-being that each individual using technology is capable of achieving.

What is Digital Flourishing®?

Digital Flourishing® refers to a mindful approach to digital technology usage that supports our thriving in different areas of life. This approach empowers us to take advantage of the benefits of technology while avoiding associated harms. Digital Flourishing® is the unique approach of The Digital Wellness Institute.

About the Organizers & Professional Education

Digital Wellness Day is a nonprofit initiative fiscally sponsored by HAPPI, and brought you to by the team at The Digital Wellness Institute. The Digital Wellness Institute equips leaders and changemakers with tools to assess and address digital wellness and foster positive digital cultures in the workplace and beyond.

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Can I Host an event?

Absolutely! Anyone can host an event for their workplace or community. 

For Digital Wellness Day, our team will be hosting and promoting a handful of curated, free events. All are welcome to attend!